Thursday, 9 February 2012

Great packing tip!

A friend of mine told me a great packing tip recently, so I've added it into my packing agenda! I really struggle to get everything in the car when we go camping but this is the ultimate in getting the most in the smallest space:

1. Put the kids clothes into wearable bundles ie shorts, tshirt, pants, socks. When they need a change, its all there and you dont need to rifle through everything - genius!
2. Bag up all clothing and soft stuff - duvets, sheets, pillows etc into vac bags - these are equally genius and you dont need a vacuum to vac them:

3. Put all your clothes in plastic containers not suitcases. In fact put all your stuff in plastic containers. Your clothes will stay dry and they act as wardrobes - no more messy suitcases cluttering up the tent and no need to unpack. Bonus! Then when you're unpacking the car, just put your boxes in the areas you want them ie kitchen, living, bedroom. Much easier and quicker to unpack car so a beer or a wine can be enjoyed much earlier!

- if you have any other packing tips Id really like to know them - please post a comment!

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