Thursday, 9 February 2012

Camp Cooking

You can't beat a barbie! But sometimes it's nice to cook other ways. A camp fire is the most traditional way of cooking whilst camping but there aren't that many campsites that allow a camp fire. The best alternative I've found is to get a firepit - eBay is definitely the cheapest and the ones which come with detachable legs, a fireguard, a grill and a bag are brilliant. I think mine was about £25. So now we've got a fire to keep us warm at night, a barbecue to cook on and if you put the fire guard on its also a toaster!

Ronnie Sunshines Dutch Ovens are amazing and pretty versatile and probably the only cooking pot you'd need to take with you. You can fry, roast and casserole in it. Bloody heavy though! It's best to hang it on a tripod, and the cheapest way of getting a tripod is getting a local blacksmiths to make one. Mine was £12. Just set this up over the firepit and it works brilliantly. I've got some great recipes so I'll get these up soon.

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