Friday, 20 January 2012

Getting ready for the summer...

I love camping. I never thought I'd say that, but with limited funds (it's a recession, you know!), 2 young boys and an urge to try something new, I thought I'd try camping.

We started a couple of years ago and bought a small tent to go to a family friendly festival in. It was great! The boys had so much fun, but it wasn't comfortable or, well, nice to look at! It was functional and waterproof. But there's got to me more to it than that.

So, how do you combine the Great Outdoors with the need for comfort and headspace? My search led me to Bell Tents and the bell tent community. We bought a 5m gorgeous bell tent and set off on our camping expeditions.

It's now become a bit of an obsession for me! Hense the blog. I'd like to share my ideas and hear other ideas on camping holidays, cooking, equipment, furnishings, fabrics.

I guess this should be called Glamping - but it's not - I need a name for this! Glamping is holidaying on a budget, but camping expensively. There is a way to glamp cheaply by sourcing all the kit carefully and being experimental and creative with alternative uses of stuff. I'm not interested in Kath Kidston or overpriced pretty useless stuff.

I want my bell tent to look nice and work for me and my family while we're using it over the summer. But lets do this without breaking the bank!

So I'm going to blog about this I think
! Join me in finding great cool stuff to camp with!

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